Welcome to GCSE Astronomy

GCSE Astronomy can be studied at RHS as a sixthform elective along side your A-level or BTec studies.

All you need to know should have been covered within a Key Stage 3 or GCSE science course (combined or separate science): for example, how the basic arrangement of the Earth, Moon and Sun produce effects such as night and day, the phases of the Moon and the seasons. You will probably know something about the group of planets orbiting the Sun that we call the Solar System. Moreover, you will have learned the basic mathematical skills needed to perform the simple calculations involved in GCSE Astronomy.

By studying GCSE Astronomy, you will be developing important investigative skills, extending the range of your thinking, as well as inspiring awe and wonder at the universe around us. Parts of the course do link closely with the astrophysics sections within A-level Physics. However, it is an excellent accompaniment to any A-level subject – whether you are studying predominantly arts subjects and seek a contrast, or wish to study alongside sciences and maths.

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