Apps for Classics

On this page you will find links to apps that may be useful in your study of Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. If you have any questions, please email or ask Mr Routledge. Please click on the icons below to find out more about them.

Latin / Greek Apps

SPQR is the ultimate app for Latin lovers, Latin teachers and Latin students who want to immerse themselves in the language, presenting dozens of texts in Latin and English, a comprehensive and searchable Latin dictionary, a grammar tester, numeral converter, quotes and phrases of ancient wisdom, language learning tools and much more.


Certamen is the official game of the National Junior Classical League. Certamen for iPad is the only Certamen app that's approved by the NJCL, and is packed with over 12,000 questions taken from past Certamen competitions.


Speed Latin mixes seven different Latin skills to test you on different aspects of grammar, against the clock.

Speed Latin

Latin Builder is an innovative new Latin tool that teaches Latin grammar while also teaching some mythology. Get to grips with the stories of Perseus and Hercules, plus the whole first book of Caesar's Gallic Wars, and see what all the hype is about!

Latin Builder

Latin hangman is the classic game but with a Latin twist - what's not to like?

Latin Hangman

Latin Pairs is the easiest way to pick up basic Latin vocabulary, and helps you learn over 100 core Latin words split into several categories. Did we mention it was fun too? Give it a try!

Latin Pairs

Latin Word Search is the best way to practise Latin spelling without realising you are doing it - and it comes with several difficulty levels depending on age group.

Latin Wordsearch

Latin requires users to build words from English into Latin using given tiles. It is graded from beginner upwards.


Latin Scramble is a fun new anagram word game that makes you re-arrange dice to find Latin meanings of English words - it has thousands of levels to try, and is perfectly tuned even for beginners!

Latin Scramble

Virgil Out Loud takes four key passages from the Aeneid, provides you with brief context of the story so far, then reads out each passage line by line with beautifully authentic Latin. Even better: it's totally free!

Virgil Out Loud

Latin Parser is the only Latin typing tool that reads every word you type in Latin, then converts it all into English by finding the root meaning of the word and producing a running vocabulary. Fast, simple and indispensable for students.

Latin Parser

Latin Grammar is a standalone Latin grammar test designed to give kids a customisable testing tool for their iDevices.

Latin Grammar

Latin +  combines Lewis & Short's comprehensive work with Whitaker's Words to produce what is easily the App Store's largest Latin word reference.

Latin +

Latin Flashcards Learn Latin vocabulary the fast and easy way by creating flashcard decks as you learn! Just type in the Latin and English translations for each word you want to memorise, and this app will do the rest.

Latin Flashcards

Ancient Greek combines the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek dictionary, quotes and a vast collection of Greek reading material, putting Aeschylus, Aristotle, Euripides, Homer, Plato and more into your pocket in both English and Greek.

Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek Dictionary provides a fully searchable version of the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English lexicon that works offline and even lets you reverse search for English words.

Ancient Greek Dictionary

Classical Civilisation Apps

Mythology is a new iPad app that teaches 10 classical tales of mythological adventure, adding in games and achievements to help ensure students have fun while they learn.


Ancient Greek Mythology is an app that is a glossary of figures from Greek myth, including a quiz for students to increase their knowledge.

Ancient Greek Mythology

Virtual History - Roma takes you on an tour of ancient Rome through the medium of an interactive magazine. Rather than present its wealth of information about Rome as a series of dry facts, static images and the odd bit of video, Virtual History - Roma throws in some groundbreaking interactive tools such as the bubble viewer, which lets you explore the ancient city in 3D by moving around and tilting your iPad. You'll also find 3D objects to manipulate and overlays allowing you to see how parts of Rome changed over time.

Virtual History - Roma

Ancient Greece teaches you about the Greek gods and covers fascinating facts about that civilization.

Ancient Greece

Learn Mythology Basics has over 150 dynamic flashcards covering gods and goddesses from Greco-Roman and other mythologies. A great choice if you need to brush up on your Greek gods.

Learn Mythology Basics

Roman Ruins HD allows you to walk through hundreds of Roman ruins in the world, in HD. You use the iPad to rotate yourself and move yourself through ruins in Italy, Turkey, Algeria and other countries.

Roman Ruins HD

Pompeii Interactive allows you to take a tour around a reconstructed Pompeii. It features panoramas and information on the major buildings and areas.

Pompeii Interactive