Instructions for Accessing the Cambridge Latin Course e-Learning Resource

This page shows instructions for accessing the Cambridge Latin Course e-Learning Resource from school. This is used in lessons when you are in the computer room, and features games, videos and electronic versions of the stories. If you have any problems, please speak to Mr Routledge.

You can also find electronic copies of various resources in the Cambridge Latin Course textbooks below:

  1. Book 1

  2. Book 2

  3. Book 3

1. Click on the start menu and click on 'all programs'

3. When the software starts up, click on 'A Student'

5. Click on 'Choose a Local Playlist'

7. When the playlist loads up, click on the grey arrow at the top of the screen to begin the first activity.

2.Scroll down to 'Classics', and click. Then click on the 'Cambridge Latin Course' software.

4. Click on 'Choose a Playlist'

6. Scroll to the playlist given to you by your teacher, and click on it.