Year 8 Latin

On this page you will find information about the Year 8 Latin course: click (or tap) on the resources below to access them. If you have any problems or questions, please speak to Mr Routledge.

What Will I Learn?

During the year, you will meet Caecilius and his family in the ancient Roman town of Pompeii. Using the Cambridge Latin Course and other resources written by your teachers, you will cover both Latin language and Roman civilisation:

Language Content

  • The nominative and accusative cases
  • Singular and plural nouns
  • The three main declensions of noun
  • The present, imperfect and perfect tenses
  • Basic Latin vocabulary

Civilisation Content

  • The town of Pompeii
  • The Roman domus (house)
  • Roman cena (dinner)
  • The forum
  • The theatre
  • Slavery
  • Gladiators and the amphitheatre

Accessing Electronic Copies of the Textbook

You can find electronic resources for all of the stages of the textbook by clicking HERE.

End of Year Examination

Extension Work - If You Fancy A Challenge!

The booklet below contains Latin into English exercise to have a go at: it is the best way to get familiar with the language quickly. If you want to try it and need help, speak to your teacher!