Upper school - New Technologies

Technology plays a major part in the development of new and innovative products. In the 21st Century we are on the verge of developing technology which one can only dream of.  Whether that be creating new material technology at an atomic level or designing artificial intelligence for 3rd generation robots. 

Your task is to investigate  one of the new innovative technologies listed below and write a 2000 word essay which answers the following question;

How is this technology being developed and what kind of impacts will it have on modern society and our every day lives?

You must talk about the development of this technology, whether it can be successfully applied to modern day life and you must consider both the positive and negative impacts it could have on society. There are hyperlinks for each new technology to get you started with your research.

New Technologies

  • The development of Graphene - click here
  • The development of artificial intelligence - click here
  • The development of driver-less vehicles - click here
  • The development of augmented and virtual reality - click here