Year 8

Year 8: Make a presentation about:

Your favourite actor and what makes him / her such a good performer.

Your presentation should deal with:

  • What your actor is most known for
  • The range of roles they have played
  • When they wanted to become a performer
  • Where they trained
  • What makes him / her a good performer, with some examples.
  • If you could gather some press interviews with your performer which tell you why he / she is a good performer, then so much the better.

    Also, why not correspond with your chosen performer: you might get no reply, but then again, you might, and how wonderful that would be!


Find out about ‘Units and Objectives’: it’s a term used by the great Russian theatre theorist and director, Konstantin Stanislavski.

Can you explain how the idea works and then give a practical demonstration: find a piece from a play and perform it in two different ways, with different objectives each time so that we can see the difference?