Year 10

EITHER . . .

Make a puppet out of household objects, which can be operated and maybe voiced by you in a short presentation.  Keep a log of your making process, showing how the personality of your puppet arises.


Make a papier mache commedia mask.

You will need modelling clay, newspaper, paint, varnish . . .oh . . .lots of stuff.  There are lots of guides on the internet to help you, but briefly, you will need to male a negative of your face, then a positive from that and then you will build up the mask on the positive, ending up with something that precisely fits your head!


Research one of these companies and make a presentation, complete with press articles, video clips and, if you can, correspondence between you and one of the company and / or your own account of seeing their work live:

Forced Entertainment



The Wooster Group

Theatre de Complicite

Frantic Assembly. (Digital Theatre Plus can help with Frantic)