Stretch and Challenge


  • British Library for year 12- Thursday 25th June 2015
  • Dr Johnson's House and British Library - 16th September 2015

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Places to visit

This place; The Globe Theatre. You can have a tour and find out more about Shakespeare and the atmosphere and stage for which his plays were originally written. It's on the Southbank in London and the nearest tube stations are Blackfriars and Southwark.


Or why not go further afield to Stratford Upon Avon in Warwickshire? You can visit Shakespeare's alleged birthplace and may be go to see a performance at the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

You could go to the home of one of the ugliest men in the history of the English language, Dr Samuel Johnson who is credited for creating the first comprehensive English dictionary and for formalizing the way we spell a number of words. His home can be found just off Fleet Street in London and is open most afternoons.


Congratulations to the winners of The Richard Bedwell Poetry Prize:


Kathy Brown

Alex Finding

Rosy Trewin Marshall


Fred Felgate

Hattie Kerridge

Alex Coplestone-Crow

Watch this space for further opportunities!

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Summer Projects 2018

Above: Junior projects - see document for options. Also, please see the Y7 reading project and Y8 poetry projects at the bottom of this column (below the A-level docs!).

Below: Year 9 students going into Year 10, here's your summer project on 'Paper 1 Language', and your wider reading list.

Year 10 students wishing to get ahead for Year 11 - look at the list of suggested projects in the third document down from here...

Year 11 going into Year 12, here is some summer project work to prepare you for A-level: lit and lang respectively.

Year 12 going into Year 13, here are your summer projects: lit and lang respectively.