Welcome from the Housemaster of Hawke

I am very fortunate to be at the helm of a house with such a strong sense of tradition and achievement, with a hugely diverse range of skills and talents displayed by the boys at all levels. There is no area of school life in which Hawke boys are not amply represented, and we are especially proud of our contribution to the tradition and success of sailing at RHS. The strong senses of community and identity within the House are key features of Hawke, and the boys are very proud of their heritage and compete avidly in all inter-house competitions to uphold the House name. 

Before moving to RHS in 2007 I taught in the maintained sector in Surrey and Sussex, and have been Housemaster of Hawke since 2011. I am Master ic Cross Country at RHS and also serve as Officer in Command of the Army section of the CCF Contingent. I am ably supported by my wife, Emily, Head of Middle School at Old Buckenham Hall Prep School, and kept in check by my two children.

We are very privileged to occupy a fantastic boarding facility with some of the finest accommodation available, and the boys are supported and guided by a talented, committed and eclectic group of house duty staff. Our matron, Miss Deans, keeps the house systems running as well as providing a listening ear where required and managing all first aid and medical matters. The boys are also represented by a fine group of House Prefects, whose duties involve responsibility for the daily upkeep of the House, assisting staff on duty, and providing a sounding board for the younger boys, thereby developing their leadership skills as they move through their final year in the House. The prefects very much lead by example, with Head of House, Dimas Valls-Quiros, epitomising the commitment, loyalty and keen personality that has always been such a key feature of Hawke. 

I believe that every member of the House has a fantastic opportunity, provided by both the School and the House, to develop themselves personally and academically; all I ask is that the boys give 100% in all that they do at RHS.

You are assured of a warm welcome in Hawke- please do come and visit!

Martin Warren – Housemaster

Contact - +44 (0) 1473 326243
Twitter  @HawkeHouseRHS

Resident Assistant House Staff  Mr Anthony Chapman
House Matron Miss Nicci Deans
House Staff Mr Rob Mann
House Staff Snr Roberto Encinas
House Staff Mr Mike Barraclough
House Staff Mr Carl Gould