Welcome to Howe House

Welcome to Howe House, a fully modernised girls’ boarding house with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We have 58 beds and cater for both boarders and day pupils from year 8 to year 12.  Howe House is a calm and welcoming house with a family feel to it.  

I really want Howe to be a 'home from home' during term time for you and the other 50 or so girls you will be living with. We make sure that everyone in the house works hard to ensure you all feel comfortable and supported at all times. There are lots of areas in Howe where you can spend valuable down-time with friends and simply just sit and chat – with or without staff.

Whether you are academic, dramatic, musical, sporty or general all-rounders, I hope you will all participate fully in RHS and Howe life. Equally I hope you will find like-minded girls who will share your hopes and dreams. There is always a lot going on at any busy boarding school, and it can often feel like a bit of a roller coaster if this is your first time in a UK boarding school. RHS is no exception, we have everything from sport, music, Divvies to school productions. There are opportunities for everyone to be involved in something and all the staff in Howe will actively encourage girls to find an activity in school to enjoy and pursue. It could be something you have done for years, or perhaps a new pursuit that you have decided to take on.

We have a lovely mix of girls in Howe; some of you have travelled thousands of miles from the four corners of the globe to be with us. Conversely, a number of our boarders live quite locally and could easily be day girls, but choose to enjoy the boarding experience. We have a system of family groups in Howe, led by the House prefects. The older girls take on the role of family leader, helping to settle and be a 'big sister' the younger pupils within their family group, thereby creating a caring and supportive network to ensure that all pupils are integrated and feel welcome.

Our resident matron, Elizabeth (Beth) Fensham is a real treasure, offering continual support and comfort to all the girls (and the staff). Each girl is assigned a personal tutor who mentors and supports the girls in their academic progress, extra curricular activity and social development. Together the staff attached to the House provide dedicated pastoral care and tailored academic guidance during those important GCSE and AS years.

Above all I would like Howe girls to be happy with the person that they become, to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses and not be handicapped by them. A Howe girl should be true to herself and be able to accept responsibility for the decisions that she has made. This is a very tall order but as Winston Churchill says ‘I am an optimist; there doesn’t seem much point in being anything else’.

Finally, it is always lovely to see parents and guardians during term time and I encourage you to (wrap up warm and) come and watch sports matches, to pop in to see your girls perform on the stage or in various musical interludes throughout the year, or take them out for a bite to eat or perhaps just come and join us for a cup of tea in House. Whatever your reason for visiting, we look forward to welcoming you to Howe House.

Suzanne Botley - Housemistress

T: +44 (0) 1473 326245

                          The Howe Team


Mrs Suzanne Botley


Mrs Elizabeth Fensham

Resident Tutor & 6th Form Tutor

Mrs Ashleigh Wilkes Jones

Sixth Form Tutor

Mrs Sarah Williams

Middle School Tutor

Miss Gemma Tachauer

Middle School Tutor

Miss Sarah Talbot

Lower School Tutor

Mrs Debbie Hitchen

Lower School Tutor Miss Tracylyn Stinson

        Howe Rounders Knock Out's Team Summer 2016

                  Line Dancing in Howe - Summer 2016

  Some well earned ice cream following the Line Dancing at the summer party 2016.

    Howe year 11's - 2016 following a leavers meal