Mrs Nicola Christison

I graduated from Cambridge University then went on to complete an MSc in Optoelectronics and Lasers. I worked in the Semiconductor industry for 12 years before completing a PGCE in Mathematics and becoming a maths teacher. I teach across the age range from year 7 to sixth form.


Mr Paul Cuddihy

My degree is in Mathematics & Physics from the University Of Aston In Birmingham. Before studying for a PGCE in mathematics at Cambridge University, I spent 15 years in the electricity industry.

I have been teaching at RHS for 10 years and have taught across all age ranges. I enjoy mathematical puzzles and codes and am fascinated by the search for patterns hidden in the primes.



Mr Ray Gibba

  I have taught in a number of schools in the London area, Essex, Suffolk and prior to that I taught in The Gambia, West Africa.  I enjoy looking for a common ground in my students and use it to connect, communicate and bring out the best in them enroute to higher grounds.

Mr Christopher Graham

Head of Middle School

I graduated from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a degree in mathematics and statistics and arrived at RHS via day schools in the Cotswolds and Ipswich.

I have a particular interest in Prime Numbers, Mathematical Puzzles and Pi.



Mr Rob Hodges

I went to Caius College, Cambridge with no clear idea what I wanted to do. Consequently I changed subject twice: Natural Sciences to Engineering to Architecture. When I wanted to change again to Philosophy my tutor put his foot down! I enjoy teaching Mathematics which I have done for 25 years  and I will continue until I find out what I really want to do.  I enjoy squash and racketball, the game of go and chess, wind-surfing and performing on my guitar with a bit of warbling thrown in. I live in Cornwallis and I am one of the resident house tutors for Collingwood.




Mr Andrew Loveland (2nd in Department)

 A graduate of Imperial College, I have a PGCE from Oxford University and a Masters Degree from the University of East Anglia. I teach across the age range, and have a particular interest in Newtonian Mechanics.



Mr Clive Rennison

 Joined RHS in September 1993. I particularly enjoy puzzles and algebraic mathematics and have taught across the age and ability groups. The best moments are when a pupil has that ‘Ah!’ moment of realisation and there is great satisfaction in overcoming a difficult question.

Mr Rick Trowern (Head of Department)

I have been Head of Department for over 20 years. My particular areas of interest are complex numbers and prime number theory. I am hoping one day to prove the Reimann Hypothesis but it may have to wait until I retire!




Ms Jeanne Wilby

Graduate of Leicester University

I have taught for many years in the state sector, abroad - Colombia and Thailand, and here. I teach Maths across the full age range but specialise in Statistics for AS and A level. I enjoy travel, theatre, the Arts and sport, but mostly as a spectator!


Mr Andy Wynn

Graduate of the University of Warwick

Housemaster of St. Vincent House

At RHS  I coach the 1st XV rugby, 1st team Rugby Sevens and 2nd XI Cricket. I am also the Officer Commanding the Army Section of the CCF.

I have played a lot of sport at varying levels and now particularly enjoy outdoor activities. I am a Scuba Diving instructor and am a keen mountaineer (summer and winter) and canoeist leaning towards adventure racing as I get older!