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MFL Staff Profiles 

Ali Wright
Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Pupil Data Analyst & RHS Timetabler
Languages: French & German

I started at RHS in 2013 and am now in my 28th year of teaching languages, mostly in the independent sector. Born in Derby and raised in the East Midlands, I moved to Suffolk in 2011. Before starting at RHS, I was Head of MFL at a local state school from January 2012 until July 2013. I have a BA Joint Honours degree in French and German, and studied Italian to 'O' Level when I was a Sixth Former. I was not lucky enough to have been taught Latin at school, but I did take a subsidiary course in it during my first year at university. I have recently started teaching myself Old English, as it has many similarities with German, and I have a fascination for the development of language. My love of languages stems back to my early childhood: memories of my great uncle, who was also a Head of Languages, entertaining his many French friends over the summer are incredibly happy ones. I remember the sheer delight these friends showed at my then very basic attempts at speaking their language. Never underestimate the power of language-learning: it goes way beyond simple communication, and opens doors in so many walks of life. I love travelling and using my languages in context, but I also like to immerse myself in the culture and history of the country, not to mention its cuisine. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, singing, website building and helping others solve their spreadsheet problems via various online fora.

Janine RoutledgeHead of French & Director of MUNLanguages: French, Latin & Spanish

This is my second year at RHS, having previously worked at a school in Manchester for four years, and I am delighted to be working here. I did my degree in French and Classical Civilisation at Nottingham University, spending a year in Clermont where I was a Language Assistant. I absolutely love learning languages and about other cultures; being able to be understood in a different language is one of the best feelings in the world! My favourite quote, from Nelson Mandela, is "speak to a man in a language he understands and that will go to his head. Speak to a man in his own language and that will go to his heart."

Nicola Mann
Head of German & Housemistress of Hood House
Languages: German, French & Latin

I have been teaching at RHS since 1998 and joined from Elizabeth College in Guernsey, My degree is in French, German and European Studies. I enjoy travel - especially to Germany where I can indulge my passion for German food and culture. I have a particular interest in the post war history of Berlin and the Cold War period. Recreationally, I enjoy singing and visiting the cinema and the theatre. I am also Housemistress of Hood House.

Roberto Encinas
Head of Spanish
Languages: Native Spanish & Latin

I studied Spanish language and literature at university, but one of my hobbies had always been learning English and I arrived at RHS as a young graduate with the intention of improving my spoken English. I fell in love with the place and here I am 15 years later! As a student, I loved doing Spanish, Latin, Ancient Greek and English, and one of my greatest satisfactions as a teacher is that moment when a pupil starts to understand that grammar is not a scary word, but a beautiful and useful thing.

Tamsyn Cook
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages & Head of Critical Thinking
Languages: French & Spanish

I studied a BA French and Spanish at the University of Sussex. During that time, I completed an academic year of study at the University of Alicante in Spain and was awarded the Peggotty Freeman Memorial Prize for having taken on a complex and heavy course load for an Erasmus student. After having finished my degree, I spent one year working as an English Language Teaching Assistant in Galicia, Spain. I took the opportunity to explore Spain during these two years abroad and as a result experienced the wide range of cultures, identities and language that exist within the Spanish communities. I also worked in France for two summers on a five-star campsite. Being the only native English member of staff certainly helped to improve my French! Upon returning to the UK in 2013, I started my teacher training. This is now my third year here at RHS. In addition to teaching French and Spanish, I have now taken on the role of Head of Critical Thinking. Outside of the classroom, I am the U14A netball coach and I will shortly complete my RAF officer training. In my own time, I am a keen archer and shoot for a local club. I also climb and attend yoga sessions on a weekly basis.

Marie-Clémence Jacobs
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Language: Native French

I was born in France in the Champagne-Ardenne region. When I decided to move to the UK after completing a Masters in English, little would I know that I would still be here 15 years later! I have been teaching French at RHS for 11 years and I am proud to be part of such an amazing school! Being able to share my love for my native language and culture on a daily basis is indeed truly rewarding.

Sarah Godfrey
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages &
Deputy Head PastoralLanguage: French

I have been teaching Modern Languages, principally French, for 25 years, from beginner to Oxbridge standard. I am also Assistant Head (Pastoral). Outside the classroom my language-related interests are cooking (French cuisine, of course), reading (French novels, of course) and travel (to France - and elsewhere!).

Thomas Perry
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Languages: French & Spanish

I am in my first year here at RHS, teaching Spanish and working as the Assistant House Master in Blake, having previously taught in Oxford, London and Chile. I studied a BA in Spanish with French at Royal Holloway University in London, where I also did a short-course in Italian. Alongside living and working in Chile, I have traveled extensively through Spanish and Portuguese-speaking South America, a region for which I have a huge passion for the language, culture and geography- something I aim to impart to my pupils. Apart from teaching in Chile, I have also worked in Australia and volunteered in Tanzania, Brazil and Cambodia, helping global charities such as ‘Save the Children’. Outside of the classroom, I am a keen photographer, an avid rugby fan, and during the summer I often play cricket and tennis.

Fanping Kong-Friel
Part-Time Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Jérôme le Berrigot
French Assistant

Hi. I am Jérôme, from Britanny in France, and proud to be the French teaching assistant at RHS from September 2017, a great year for me but not for the USA. Jokes apart, if I had to write a quick overview of my life, I would say that I learned English and Chinese language and culture for years, with some accompanying teaching experience, before going to Scotland as a French assistant for the very first time. I am 27 now and I have liked teaching since, well, I would say, forever. Helping pupils enjoy the magic of a foreign language and culture, opening minds and enhancing critical thinking; this non-exhaustive list describes how I want to make the world a better place. When I am not working, I love imagining and writing stories, making videos, acting; basically, makingsomething creative. I am also fond of travelling and making new friends. I have to thank you for having read about my ordinary life so far. As we say in France: merci et au revoir!

Kathleen Anger
German Assistant

I was born in the capital of Germany Berlin and did my Bachelor degree in German and English language and culture at the Humboldt University Berlin. Before I came to RHS I was working in a primary school in Berlin-Pankow. I really enjoy working at RHS as a Language Assistant. It is a great feeling to help students to improve their language skills and watch their German getting better and better.

Patricia Gutiérrez Casanova
Spanish Assistant

I am Spanish and this is my first year at RHS, having previously worked at Ely College in Ely, Cambridgeshire, for a year. Before coming to England, I worked as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language in Spain for three years. My bachelor’s degree was in Teaching English and French, and I have completed two masters degrees, one in Secondary Education and the other one in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, both of which I passed with distinction. I have also been learning German for two years now. Teaching and helping to learn is one of my greatest passions, alongside my own love of continuing to learn and expand my understanding in all things I do. Outside of the classroom, I sing alto in the chapel choir at RHS. I am also a keen reader, I enjoy going to the cinema and theatre, travelling and spending time with my family.