• Y7 Language Quest

Y7 Language Quest

Y7 Language Quest

So, the Carousel is over and you are busy deciding which of the two languages you are going to pursue for the rest of Key Stage 3, so what better time to stop and consider why there are so many languages, how English is related to them and where they came from. You will work in pairs or teams of three to complete this quest.

You will need to search the Internet to find your answers and submit your answers to Miss Wright before the deadline of 1600 on Wednesday 10 February. The winners will be announced in the Y7 language lesson on Thursday P1. The winning team will be the one with the most correct answers and relevant information, and they will receive a prize.

Your teacher will be here to guide you, but you may not ask him or her to answer any of the questions for you!


Y7 Final Carousel Lesson

This week you have learnt quite a lot about the evolution of languages and how they relate to each other. For your final lesson, see if you can guess the origin of some more English words. Just guess, and your teacher will tell you the answers at the end of the lesson. There'll be sweets for the winning group in your form!

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