• Y7 Spelling Bee 2017

Y7 Spelling Bee 2017


Students will be given the word in English and they will first have to translate it into the Target Language and then spell it out correctly using the alphabet in the Target Language.

When participating, students will be given one minute to correctly spell as many words as possible.

Students must translate the word with the correct article (this includes l’), but they only need to spell the noun.

Pronunciation must be accurate and spelling clearly enunciated. If the word and letters are not clearly and accurately pronounced, a point cannot be awarded.

If they are spelling a colour that begins with ‘de color ……’, they need to say that in the translation, but only need spell the colour.

They should be allowed to finish a word that they started before the time was up.

Students can pass at any time, but must say pass in theTarget Language. Accents and other punctuation (note: not question marks) must be spelt as shown on this page. If you are not sure how to pronounce any of these words, please ask your teacher or the relevant language assistant.



You can access Vocab Express online here: https://www.vocabexpress.com/login/ The school code is UK1456.

Vocab Express iPad, Android and Windows apps are available to download to your smart phone or tablet.

A ahA ahA ah
B bayB bayB beh
C sayC tsayC theh
D dayD dayD deh
E ugh!E ayE eh
F effF effF effeh
G zheyG gayG heh
H ashH haH acheh
I eeI eeI ee
J zheeJ yachtJ hotta
K kaK carK ka
L elL ellL elleh
M emM emM emeh
N enN enN eneh
O ohO ohÑ enyeh
P payP payO o
Q kooQ kooP peh
 R airrR airQ koo
S essS essR erreh
T tayT tayS esseh
U ooU ooT teh
V vayV fowU oo
W doo-bl-vayW vayV oobeh
X iksX iksW oobeh dobleh
Y ee-grecY oopsilonX ekees
Z zedZ tsettY yeh
^ accent circonflexeß ess-tsettZ theta
ç say cédilleä ah Umlautch theh acheh
é ugh accent aiguSpace - Abstandll eyeh
è ugh accent gravePass - ich passeñ enyeh
ë ugh trémaHyphen - Bindestrichrr doble erreh
Space - blanc
é eh tilde
Pass - je passe
Space - espacio
Hyphen - trait d'union
Pass - paso
Apostrophe - apostrophe
Hyphen - guion