1.2 In this chapter you need to identify key influences that have an impact on your participation.

Identify key influences that have an impact on them, and others,
achieving sustained involvement in physical activity, including:
* people: family, peers, role models
* image: fashion, media coverage
* cultural: age, disability, gender, race
* resources: access, availability, location, time
* health and wellbeing: illness, health problems
* socio-economic: cost, perceived status of the activity

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Extended Essay Question - Chloe influences, from Sample exam material No.2:

Explain the opportunities available to become, or remain, involved in
physical activity in a range of roles (including leadership, officiating
and volunteering) and the qualities needed to participate in physical
activity in this way
Explain the sports participation pyramid with regard to the foundation,
participation, performance and elite stages

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Describe the common purposes of initiatives developed to provide
opportunities for becoming, or remaining, involved in physical activity:
* increase participation in sport to improve health, with a focus on
priority groups
* retain people in sport through an effective network of clubs, sports
facilities, coaches, volunteers and competition
* create opportunities for talented performers to achieve success
and their contributions to the development of healthy lifestyles.
Identify agencies involved in the provisions of opportunities for
becoming, or remaining, involved in physical activity, including:
* Sport England
* Youth Sport Trust
* National governing bodies.