2.1 In this chapter you will learn about the different body types and relate to performance in physical activity. Also how different drugs have an impact on your health and performance.

Describe the different body types (somatypes): endomorph, mesmomorph and ectomorph and explain the effect each can have on participation and performance, including identifying activities where different body types are an advantage

Outline why, and how, expected and optimum weight varies according to height, gender, bone structure and muscle girth, and explain how this may affect participation, and performance, in physical activity

Explain the terms: anorexic, obese, overfat, overweight and underweight and explain how they may impact on achieving a sustained involvement in physical activity

Know about different categories of drugs:
 - performance enhancing (anabolic steroids, beta blockers, diuretics, narcotic analgesics, stimulants, peptide hormones including erythropoietin/EPO)
 - recreational (alcohol, nicotine/smoking)
The effects they may have on health, wellbeing and physical
performance and why some performers might risk using them

100% ME campaign

EPO 7 mins into video

Dwain Chambers


Explain the effects of smoking and alcohol on general health and on physical activity

Identify risks associated with participation in physical activities, and explain how to reduce these risks to better maintain wellbeing (warming-up/cooling-down, checking equipment and facilities, personal readiness/PAR-Q, balanced competition, adherence to rules, correct clothing).