2.2 In this chapter you must understand the impact of a healthy, active lifestyle on your Cardiovascular system.

Immediate and short-term effects of participation in exercise and physical activity (increased heart rate, systolic/diastolic blood pressure, increased blood pressure)


Equipment / Resources

Stethoscope, Oximeters, Blood pressure monitor.

Animation on ActiveTeach

Learn definitions - Heart rate, Stroke Volume, Cardiac output, blood pressure

Effects of regular participation in – and long-term effects of participation in – exercise and physical activity:
cardiac output HR x SV = CO
 - decreased resting heart rate
 - faster recovery
 - increased stroke volume
 - increased size of heart
 - effects on blood pressure
 - healthy veins and arteries)


Rest (rest required for adaptation to take place, time for recovery before next exercise session)

Diet (effects on blood pressure and cholesterol – HDL and LDL)

Recreational drugs (effects of alcohol and smoking/nicotine on blood pressure).