Section 2.2: Analysis of performance requires all students to undertake an analysis of performance, which is made up of five separate components:

2.2.1: Rules, regulations and terminology
2.2.2: Observe and analyse performance
2.2.3: Evaluate performance
2.2.4: Plan strategies, tactics and practices
2.2.5: Plan a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP).

The analysis of performance must be based on one of the physical activities undertaken in the role of player/participant in Section 2.1:
Practical performance.

Students must be able to:
• show their knowledge and understanding of the rules, regulations and terminology of a selected physical activity
• observe and analyse performance in physical activity
• evaluate performance in physical activity and recognise strengths and areas for improvement
• plan strategies, tactics and practices to improve skills and performance
• plan a Personal Exercise Programme to improve their fitness and performance.

Introduction to AoP

Practical Session - Basketball

Practical to review Basketball set shot

Session in classroom using videos

Swimming focus - how to find strengths and weaknesses

Practical Session - Badminton

Badminton Analysis session

Session 4/5 onwards

Start to break down skills in own activity area