Summer Projects


On this page you will find details about projects for the Summer holidays. All projects done to a high standard will receive a Headmaster's Distinction, and there are also prizes to be issued by the PE department.

Year 7 -9 PE Summer Project


You may wish to complete a Tennis project if you are a fan of Wimbledon. The following are ideas of different themes that you may wish to research. Create a report, video or PowerPoint presentation to show your findings:

Idea 1 – What effect does the tennis court surface have on the type of game played? Why do some players perform better on clay courts rather than hard courts? Are players of certain physical characteristics better suited to a certain court surface type?

Idea 2 - How does the first serve differ from the second serve? Is it typically faster or slower? How much faster or slower?

Idea 3 - Wimbledon prize money has frequently been in the news. Discuss the argument for men and women’s prize money and consider the differences.

Year 9 PE Summer Project - GCSE PE Preparation 

This project is essential for those pupils who are starting GCSE Physical Education in September 2017 and will give you a firm foundation for the key terms that will be used regularly in class.

  • Research the following Components of Fitness and find out the meanings of each term:
    • Cardiovascular fitness
    • Muscular Strength
    • Muscular Endurance
    • Flexibility
    • Body Composition
    • Agility
    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Power
    • Speed
    • Reaction Time
  • Now apply each component of fitness and use sporting examples of your choice to say how it is important. A visual display of each component being used in sport would enhance this. Ideas can include Video, Presentation, Slideshow, Top Trumps cards, etc.
  • Finally, write about your main sport and which components of fitness are important to you and explain why. Think about the specific position that you play and how the component of fitness is needed.

BTEC Sport

For those pupils who are starting BTEC Sport in Year 12 in September 2017 – this project is essential in order to give you a firm foundation of the first Learning Aim on the skeletal system.

  • Learn the main bones of the skeleton using the sheet below or the internet
  • Classify these into Long bones, Short bones, Flat bones and Sesamoid bones, using the internet to help you.
  • Create a Video presentation and apply your knowledge of the skeleton to sporting actions:
  • Explain how the bones of the skeleton are used in movement for sport
  • Analyse the movements possible at the Joints
  • You can also use sporting clips in your video

Skeletal System

Year 10 GCSE Personal Exercise Programme

Using the data from the fitness re-testing results, analyse your performance. Evaluate the results and the process of the six week PEP.