Psychology Reading list

Year 12

  • Philip Zimbardo 'The Lucifer effect'
  • Lauren Slater Opening Skinner’s Box
  • Nicola Morgan 'Blame my Brain'
  • Simon Baron-Cohen 'Men, women and the extreme male brain
  • Ray Jones 'The story of baby P'
  • Susan Greenfield 'The private life of the brain'
  • Alice Miller 'The drama of being a child'
  • John Bowlby 'the making and breaking of affectional bonds'
  • Gary Greenberg 'Manugaturing depression
  • Simon Green 'Biological rhythmas, sleep and hypnosis'
  • Matt Ridley 'Genome'
  • Sigmund Freud 'The unconscious'
  • D. W. Winnicott 'The child, the family and the outside world'
  • Naoki Higashida 'The Reason I jump'
  • Sally Brampton 'Shooting the damn dog'
  • Sandra Blakeslee 'Phantoms in the brain'

If a book isn't for you - use the QR code library in Mrs Price's classroom to download relevant articles or videos.

Year 13

  • Dr. Robert Girod 'Profiling the criminal mind'
  • Matt Ridley 'Nature via nurture'
  • Peter Vronsky 'Serial Killers'
  • Craig Webber 'Psychology and Crime'
  • John Colapinto 'As Nature Made him - the boy who was raised as a girl'
  • Adrian Scott 'Forensic psychology'
  • Stephen Ceci ' The Nature-Nurture Debate'
  • John O'Donoghue 'Sectioned - a life interrupted'

All of the books listed are available in the psychology department's library.

We also have departmental copies of 'The psychologist' published the British Psychological Society and 'Psychology Review' for you to borrow.

Do not forget that we also have psychology related fiction in book club!

General Reading

  • Dr. Brandy Engler 'The men on my couch'
  • Bruce Perry 'The Boy was Raised as a dog'
  • Simon Baron-Cohen 'Zero degrees of empathy'
  • Douglas Fields 'The other brain'
  • Daniel Kahneman 'Thinking, Fast and Slow'
  • Marc Lewis 'Memoirs of an addicted brain'
  • Jennifer Shannon 'The anxiety survival guide for teens : CBT skills to overcome fear, worry, and panic'
  • Dr Arigman Sigman 'The body wars : why body dissatisfaction is at epidemic proportions and how we can fight back
  • David Todd 'Sport psychology'
  • Costas Karageorghis 'Inside sport psychology'
  • Rachel Simmons 'Odd girl out'
  • Ben Goldacre 'Bad Science'
  • Diane Levin 'So sexy, so soon'
  • Alex Boese 'Elephents on Acid'
  • David Engleman 'Incognito'
  • Oliver Sacks 'Musicphilia'