Stretch and Challege

Summer project

It would be beneficial to undertake a Psychology project over the summer break away. It is an excellent opportunity to research psychological studies and theories which we are unable to cover during the two year course.

Completing a project means you can write about the research and experiments which you have conducted when writing your personal statement for university and shows that you are capable of working independently (a skill which all universities would admire).

There is also an summer project available for students who are not studying Psychology A-level, I hope you enjoy it!

Click here for the project page

TED Talks

Psychology - What makes us tick? These TED Talks -- from psychologists and journalists, doctors and patients -- share the latest research on why we do what we do.

See what Mrs Price is recommending this week:

Careers in Psychology

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British Psychological Society

BPS Researcher Digest

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Psychology Books

Come over to our Psychology classrooms to check-out some reading books. Best Psychology Books list.


Places to Visit

Freud Museum

Clink Prison Museum

The Holocaust Exhibition (Imperial War Museum)

The Maudsley Hospital

The Old Bailey & Lincoln’s Inn

Infamous Murders Walking Tour

The Royal Courts of Justice

Horrible Olde London Walking Tour

The Tower of London

Museum of London

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

The Ghost Bus Tour

London Dungeons

Graveyards and Vampires Walking Tour

Centre of Clinical Hypnotherapy – workshops

Psychology Websites 

Psychology Clubs

Psychology Clinic

Book club