1. Tuesday

    Tuesday 23 April

    1. Wednesday

      Wednesday 24 April

      1. Thursday

        Thursday 25 April

        1. Friday

          Friday 26 April

          1. Saturday

            Saturday 27 April

            1. RHSA - 40 Year Reunion Weekend
          2. Sunday

            Sunday 28 April

            1. Duty House: Raleigh
            2. Duty Senior Staff: Mr M R Routledge
            3. 14:15Presentation for Yr 7 Parents
            4. 15:00Yr 7 Parents' Meeting
            5. 15:30Choir CD recording
            6. 19:00All Boarders Return
          3. Monday

            Monday 29 April

            1. Week 1B
            2. 13:30Organ recital by Tim Easter (Harpenden)
            3. 16:45Senior Summer Games sign-up
            4. 18:00Choir CD recording
            5. 18:45Yrs 10-11 Drama trip to "The 39 Steps"

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