1. Friday

    Friday 20 April

    1. 08:50Yr 10 School Examinations
    2. 10:00Stops Away!
    3. 13:30Prefect Pre-Selection Briefing
  2. Saturday

    Saturday 21 April

    1. Duty Senior Staff: Mr C M Graham
    2. East of England Organ Day
    3. 08:50Yr 10 School Examinations
    4. 09:00Sailing: RHS Spring Regatta - Team Racing Event
    5. 09:00ROYMUN Day 1
    6. 11:30Boys' Cricket v Culford (a): 1st XI
    7. 12:45Shrimper Inter-House Cruise Heat 3
    8. 14:00Boys' Cricket Leagues 1
    9. 14:00Boys' Cricket v Culford (a): U15A & B CANCELLED
    10. 14:00Boys' Cricket v Culford (h): 2nd XI and U14B CANCELLED
    11. 14:00Boys' Cricket v Culford (h): U14A
    12. 14:00Girls' Cricket v Culford (a): 1st XI CANCELLED
    13. 14:00Girls' Cricket v Culford (h): U15A and U13A
    14. 19:00House Entertainment
    15. 19:00Yr 8 Social Event
    16. 19:30Sixth Form Comedy Night
  3. Sunday

    Sunday 22 April

    1. Duty House: Anson
    2. 09:00ROYMUN Day 2
    3. 09:00Prefect Selection Day
    4. 10:00Basketball Tournament (h): Senior Boys
    5. 10:30Brunch
    6. 17:00Shrimper Inter-House Cruise Heat 3 returns
    7. 19:00Chapel
  4. Monday

    Monday 23 April

    1. Week 2A
    2. Yr 10 School Examinations
    3. 08:30Assembly in the Chapel
    4. 13:30Notes and Nibbles
    5. 19:00Science Dinner
  5. Tuesday

    Tuesday 24 April

    1. 08:00Law Work Experience - Crown Court Visit CANCELLED
    2. 08:30Yr 11 and 13 Art GCSE and A Level Examinations
    3. 08:30Chapel Speakers: Mr J and Mrs A Pooley
    4. 08:50Yr 10 School Examinations
    5. 10:40CCF: RAF Flying Experience CANCELLED
    6. 14:30Boys' Cricket v Langley (a): 1st XI
    7. 14:30Tennis v New Hall (a): U18 Boys and Girls teams
    8. 18:45de Leybourne Debating Society
  6. Wednesday

    Wednesday 25 April

    1. 08:15Divisions Rehearsal
    2. 08:30Yr 13 Art A Level Examination
    3. 08:50Yr 10 School Examinations Last Day
    4. 10:40Prefects' Stand Easy Meeting
    5. 13:00Yr 8 Schools' Cup General Knowledge Competition
    6. 13:05eCouncil Meeting
    7. 14:15Boys' Cricket v Felsted (a): U13A and U12B
    8. 14:15Boys' Cricket v Felsted (h): U13B and U12A
    9. 14:45Girls' Cricket v St Felix (a): U13A (Cup Match)
  7. Thursday

    Thursday 26 April

    1. 08:30Chapel Speakers: Deputy Heads of School
    2. 10:00Rugby (a): Northampton Saints U13 Sevens Finals
    3. 14:00Junior Maths Challenge
    4. 14:30Tennis v New Hall (h): U15 Boys and Girls teams
    5. 16:30Swimming Gala (h): O14 and U14
    6. 16:30Tenis v Ipswich High (a): U18 Girls
    7. 19:00Strings Masterclass

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