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Items coded in red (with the category 'correction') are items were the details (eg timings) that have changed since the published printed calendar.

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  1. Tuesday

    Tuesday 23 April

    1. Wednesday

      Wednesday 24 April

      1. Thursday

        Thursday 25 April

        1. Friday

          Friday 26 April

          1. Saturday

            Saturday 27 April

            1. Sunday

              Sunday 28 April

              1. Duty House: Raleigh
              2. Duty Senior Staff: Mr M R Routledge
              3. 14:15Presentation for Yr 7 Parents
              4. 15:00Yr 7 Parents' Meeting
              5. 19:00All Boarders Return
            2. Monday

              Monday 29 April

              1. Week 1B
              2. 16:45Senior Summer Games sign-up
              3. 18:45Yrs 10-11 Drama trip to "The 39 Steps"