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Raleigh House was re-opened in September 2010 as The Royal Hospital School’s first co-educational day house and was specifically designed to provide first-rate facilities for both boys and girls in our care. These include comfortably furnished day rooms with snooker and table tennis tables; several study rooms and our very own mini-astro turfed area with picnic tables and outdoor games. Raleigh House’s official motto is: ‘Work hard: play hard’.

My teaching career began at Framlingham College where I worked in a girls’ boarding House and taught English and games. Subsequently I was a Deputy Housemistress in a boys’ day House at Eastbourne College before joining The Royal Hospital School in September 1998. During my time at the school I have worked in both boys’ and girls’ Houses, have taught English and drama have been fully involved in the coaching of numerous sports teams. I have three children: Will, who was at RHS for his entire school career and having taken a Gap Year, working in KTJ School in Malaysia, is now in his second year at York University; Izzie who is in Year 13, in Nelson and finally Immie who is in Year 11 in Raleigh House.

Raleigh House offers an informal and relaxed atmosphere in which the boys and girls can thrive. When not taking part in activities a large number of pupils complete prep in studies and in our specially designed prep classroom before going home, whilst still managing to take part in inter-house sports competitions, debates and other activities. My Deputy Housemistress Mrs Holly Wuidart Gray is nearly always in the House and is on hand to offer pastoral support and assist with the day-to-day running of Raleigh. We also have on board a highly committed and experienced team of academic tutors who closely monitor academic progress. We believe in rewarding hard work, commitment to the House and kindness towards others.

We have many in-house events to which parents are invited for example: an annual dinner early on in the academic year; a family evening on Bonfire Night; mulled wine at Christmas and much more! These informal gatherings allow parents to get to know one another and chat with tutors in a relaxed atmosphere. Pupil parties also take place twice a year at Christmas and at the end of the Summer Term and we also hold our Valentine's Party on an annual basis for Year 11 and above.

Our aim in Raleigh House is to encourage your child to make the most of the exciting challenges and opportunities which are available at the Royal Hospital School. Our ethos is for every student to realise their full potential both inside and outside of the classroom.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

~Jimmy Johnson

Amanda Pearson - Housemistress


Mrs Amanda Pearson Housemistress - English

Mrs Holly Wuidart Gray Deputy Housemistress - Pastoral

Tutor - Dr. Stephanie Ryan - Science

Tutor - Mr. Leigh Corbould, Assistant Head Pastoral.

Tutor - Dr. Philip McConnell, Chaplain

Tutor - Mr. Hamish Mackenzie - Geography

Tutor - Mr. James Hockridge - Science

Tutor - Mr. Edward Allan - Head of Academic Music

Part time staff - Ms. Rachel Keveren & Mr. James Burrows.

Sixth Form Tutor - Mr Damon Kerr - Head of Drama and Theatre Studies

Sixth Form Tutor - Ms. Alison Wright - Head of Modern Foreign languages

Sixth Form Tutor - Ms. Jenny Stone, Head of English

We look forward to welcoming you to Raleigh House.