Department Staff

Head of Department: SOPHIE CAMPBELL holds a BA in philosophy from the University of York and a PGCE in secondary religious education and philosophy from Cambridge University. Appointed in September 2015, she is a middle school tutor and the resident tutor of Hood House. Within philosophy she has a wide range of interests, including aesthetics, bioethics and issues surrounding moral philosophy, and she particularly favours the work of Hume and Rousseau. Outside of the school environment Sophie enjoys riding and assists in the running of the riding club at RHS. She also enjoys travelling and has visited various parts of South East Asia, America and Europe – a particular favourite being France for its excellent cheese and wine! She is also a very keen skier, having completed a season in Courchevel, and is always eager to get back to the mountains whenever the opportunity arises.

THE REVEREND DR PHILIP McCONNELL was appointed Chaplain to the Royal Hospital School in September 2010. After a short period teaching in Belfast, he was ordained as a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, where he served for 18 years. During this time he served the Church on the Boards of Education, Studies and Youth. He is a graduate in education and in theology from the Queen’s University of Belfast and holds a master’s degree in ethics and philosophy of religion from the University of Ulster. His doctorate in theology was also undertaken in Belfast. Part of his theological education was undertaken in Kenya. He has ministered for short periods in America and Australia. He is a keen hockey and rugby player and still enjoys these sports, albeit at a much more pedestrian pace. He is also a keen musician and particularly enjoys choral singing.

MRS SABINA HANRAHAN completed her undergraduate studies in International Relations at St Andrews University, specialising in Ethics and Philosophy. She developed a particular interest in political philosophy and concepts of justice. She went on to Oxford Brookes University to complete a PGCE in secondary Religious Education and worked in a variety of schools before coming to work at RHS in September 2016. She is Housemistress of Blake House, the junior house here at RHS. Beyond the classroom, she enjoys European travel, theatre, literature and yoga.

MRS LOUISE CLINE graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Theology and completed a PGCE in secondary education at the University of East Anglia. Since then Louise has worked at schools in Birmingham and Sheffield. Outreach work has been something that Louise has been heavily involved with providing opportunities for primary school children through the educational charity SHINE. Outside of the classroom Louise enjoys wild and open water swimming as well as walking and cycling. During her childhood she sailed on the Norfolk broads and beyond; and is involved in supporting sailing at RHS.