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Results & Match Reports (Public)

Suffolk Shiver 2018: Match Report

RHS hosted our annual Suffolk Shiver team racing event at the weekend which saw teams from Loughborough University, UEA, Royal Harwich yacht club, RGS Guilford as well as our own RHS team all competing over a long day of racing. The Shiver lived up to its name with team’s battling with a chilly and wet southerly wind over 28 races. 

The first team of Ashley Deaton, Harry Bone-Knell, William Penny, Abbie Sykes, Josie Ruffles, and Joshua Davies all did themselves proud by winning all 7 of their races and taking the top spot on the podium. Our second team performed well and won 2 races narrowly missing out on 2 more but with many positive training points for the future. Many teams had a lot to take away from the pre-season event and we look forward to seeing everybody back next year. 

The final top 3 was 1st RHS1 2nd RHYC and 3rd UEA.

A big thank you to Mr E Sibson and the team, including the extras roped in, for organising and running a successful event.