Inter-House Shrimper Sailing

The Inter-House Shrimper Cruise 2018/9

The inter-house Shrimper Cruise is a great opportunity to enjoy the experience of spending a weekend on board the schools Cornish Shrimpers with members of your boarding house, and taking part in a friendly competition.

Each house will need:

  • A Team of Four Sailors
  • One of your team must be deemed a 'competent' helm by the sailing department

Each team will be scored out of ten in the following categories:

  • Teamwork
  • Navigation (You will be given a number of points to reach during the weekend)
  • Performance in short races 
  • Catering ('Come Dine with Me' takes place on the Saturday evening)
  • Shipshape (How tidy and orderly is your boat?)

Heat 1:   15th/16th September. 

                  Competing Houses: Collingwood, Anson & Howe

                  Congratulations to winning house; Howe.

Heat 2:    22nd/23rd September. 

                  Competing Houses: Hood, St Vincent & Raleigh

                  Congratulations to winning house; Raleigh.

Heat 3:    Dates TBC.

                   Competing Houses: Drake, Cornwallis & Hawke

Final: Dates TBC.

                    Competing Houses: Howe, Raleigh & Winner Heat 3 (TBC)