Stretch and Challenge

There are more projects in individual biology, chemistry and physics pages.

Science Summer Projects

1. Copper Caper.

Find out what happens to dirty pennies when you react them with salt and vinegar.

Follow the link to find out how. Record your experiment, results and conclusions in a poster, video etc.

Make sure you get permission with a parent before doing any practical work!

2.  Biological Drawing

Enter the Nancy Rothwell Award run by the Royal Society of Biology.

3. Build a pin-hole camera and use it to enter a photo competition.

BP (British Petroleum) are continuing to run a pinhole camera photo competition.

The instructions for making a pinhole camera can be downloaded below, with further info from the BP website here.  To enter the competition photos need to be emailed to with your name, your school name and age and your photos each with a caption.

You might even be able to enter your photo for the RHS Science Photo Competition as well - deadline 19th September.

4. Extinctions.

Produce a project on extinctions.  With a recent study stating that the Earth has now entered a new mass extinction event and other sources stating a 5th of plants are at risk of extinction, research extinctions and what causes them.  This could be related to species that are already extinct or species that are presently at risk of extinction, or both. 

5. Science in my area

Do some research about your local area - Are there any famous or high profile scientists from your area?  Did any famous inventions or scientific discoveries happen in your local area?  Write a report suitable for a local newspaper about your local scientist / invention / discovery.

6.  Check out the project suggestions on the Biology, Chemistry and Physics pages.

Science Extension - If you are looking to extend your science knowledge, there are some good books in the library suitable for students in years 7-8. 

Suggested general reading includes:

  • Horrible Science Series
  • Eye Benders: the science of seeing and believing [Clive Gidfford]
  • What makes you YOU? [Gill Arbuthnott]
  • Can you feel the force? [Richard Hammond]

There are also science books linked to our year 7 and 8 topics:

Year 7

Repairing and Replacing Organs (B1 Cells)

In Vitro Fertilisation (B2 Reproduction)

Year 8

Foods for Feeling Healthy (B1 Food and Digestion)

Foods for Sports (B1 Food and Digestion)

Special Diets and Allergies (B1 Food and Digestion)

Fighting Infectious Disease (B2 Keeping Healthy)

Do you know where your food comes from? (B3 People and the Environment)

Furthermore, the Royal Society runs a children's science book competition every year - check out this year's shortlist to read some of the best science books for U14s around!