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  • Year 9 GCSE content for new Year 10 pupils

Year 9 GCSE content for new Year 10 pupils

This page is for pupils joining the school at the start of Year 10.

Welcome to Science at the Royal Hospital School!

As part of our Year 9 science schemes of work, pupils cover some of the Edexcel 9-1 GCSE science curriculum; this is the coourse that we follow at GCSE. If you have been studying at a school in the U.K and have started your GCSE course you may well have already covered this content, either for the same exam board or for a different one.  

In order to ensure that you can arrive ready for the start of Year 10 in September, please take some time to go through the pages below to check whether you are familiar with the content we have already covered. There are resources on each page to help bring you up to speed with any parts you have not already covered.  There will be a test at the start of year 10 to allow you to show what you have done, and help/catch up sessions will be provided as necesaary.