St. Vincent

      Welcome to St. Vincent House

      St Vincent is a House that has developed a proud tradition of honesty and trust. These are the essential foundations that form the core of our community and the values we endeavor to instill in these young men so that they can carry these into the wider community. Any boarding house is home to pupils for almost two thirds of the year and crucially also when many exacting and important hurdles in life are met. With that in mind it is important that this ‘home from home’ provides a stable set of foundations where the boys are cared for and given every opportunity to meet the challenges that life will throw at them.

      I previously taught for seven years at King Edward VII School , in Johannesburg where, amongst other things, I was Director of Boarding and Pastoral and coached the 1st XV rugby. In 2008 my family  and I took the opportunity to return to the United Kingdom to take up a position at St John’s Leatherhead where I held the position of  Assistant Head Co-curricular and  coached the 1st XV rugby for  a number of seasons. At RHS I teach Mathematics and coach games, currently coach the 1st XV and Sevens rugby team in addition to the 2nd XI cricket .

      Our resident matron, Sue Priddle, is central to the lives of the boys. Right from the moment the boys wake up Sue is there to dispense medicine, sort and wash clothes, provide support on the rugby pitch and in the drama hall, listen to their woes, share in their triumphs, shop for essentials; the list is endless. In short, Sue is there for the boys in everything that they do.

      There is a strong emphasis and  expectation of the boys to show consideration for others, always make a positive contribution and ensure they manage and  fulfill their commitments. These skills will stand your son in good stead for the rest of his life. Within the House the boys are regularly given leadership opportunities and responsibilities where the smooth running or success of the House is dependent on their actions.

      These expectations extend beyond the wall of the boarding House and into the fabric of the school community no matter where the boys are involved. From  the classroom , to sport, music, drama, or CCF and all other activities at the school they always represent the the House. The boys take great pride in the  ethos of the House.

      Stephen Eales

      Housemaster St. Vincent

      Contact: +44 (0) 1473 326 248

      Resident Staff 
      1. Mr Stephen Eales


      2. Ms Sue Priddle


      3. Mr Mike Ling